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   Fujian shishi city dongsheng automatic door co., LTD., founded in 1990, is a manufacturer of automatic door and bank security products professional manufacturers
   Company is located in shishi city, fujian province in China. Shishi city is a comprehensive reform pilot area of fujian province, quanzhou bay in the north, ShenHuWan in the south, east and Taiwan island facing each other across the sea, has the first-class national port, beautiful environment, convenient transportation, is a famous overseas Chinese hometown and external window.
   The company long-term commitment to research and development of automation control, fire protection and security of inward and outward, and with Europe and the United States first-class automatic doors and security products manufacturers maintain close technical cooperation.
The company has a number of patents, core technology and independent intellectual property rights completely. The company passed ISO9001, CE certification.
   Company products cover bank dedicated automatic door (by the ministry of public security safety and alarm detect with electronic product quality the center pattern examination), the complete set of aluminum type automatic door, complete set of aluminum
Emergency evacuation automatic doors, important place security automatic doors, medical automatic doors, automatic doors, special quiet frameless automatic door, automatic door folded flat, rotating automatic doors, 90 degrees
Open automatic doors, access door control products, etc. Companies can also be customized for the client, development to meet customer special functional requirements of special automatic door.
  The company has strong r&d strength, professional cover machinery, optics, industrial automatic control, computer network communication, etc.
The company has the advanced electronics, machinery and testing equipment. Strict product quality control system, raw and auxiliary materials, manufacturing process and finished product inspection system.
  The company has a group of high-quality sales representative, engineer, is committed to set up sales agencies in mainland China and overseas market. We can provide you with comprehensive technical at any time
Business services, hope to establish long-term business relationship with you and strategic partnership. At the same time, we warmly welcome OEM/ODM customers to contact us.
Companies have made automatic doors of widely used industrial and commercial bank of China, bank of China, China construction bank, agricultural bank of China, the post office bank of China, bank of agribusiness,
Societe generale, joint-stock Banks and other factories, hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, hospitals, airports, villas, museums, etc.
The company's enterprise policy is "quality first, service first", the company quickly to provide customers high quality professional products competitive in price.




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