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Automatic doors use common sense
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, Former 1 plugged in, make sure the automatic door beam, no one or no items. 2, make sure that the mechanical lock (including lock) is turned on. 3, please manually placing Active Directory is fully closed. Second, turn on the power supply 1, the automatic goalkeeper starts a self-test program: activity slowly closes and slow to open. During the process of self-test should be cautioned in inspection activities falling within the scope of the probe to remind people not to pass, so as not to affect the self-test is complete. 2, if there is abnormal noise or smoke, immediately turn off the power and contact contractors, distributors, or the Division immediately. Three runs, use precautions 1, doors opening and closing, do not turn off the power. 2, automatic door when someone or something, please do not turn it on and off. 3, do not jam the automatic valve, do not run through the automatic doors. Please order through the automatic doors, do not force if the door closes or when the door is closed through the automatic doors to ensure that door opening when the space is more than one person through the automatic doors. 4, not in front of the automatic stay standing, talking or let the children play at the door. 5, not climbing fans fixed fans or prohibiting the feet on the top. 6, children under 1.2 meters tall, elderly and disabled people with mobility requested the help of the guardians, through automatic doors. 7 the slate completely smooth, automatic door, snow or rain should pay more attention to prevent slipping. 8, within the detection range of the probe, do not place plants, umbrella stands or fabric banners to avoid induction. 9, when trolleys or large luggage through, use the open function to avoid collided with the door leaf. 10, fixed fans, fans should put up eye-catching signs of activity (such as company name, company logo, etc) door glass automatically to avoid collisions.

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