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    ID card is THRC12 non-contact IC card read-only, and it is powered by the reader sensor reads the unique card number is stored in the EEPROM chip, the card write-once before sealing card, the card can not be changed after the closure.Passive and avoid contact with the two most prominent features of the chip, the RF interface circuit is the key core technology, which receives RF energy from the reader, to generate power and clock chips, and using phase shift keying and amplitude loading, etc. technology for wireless communication between the card and reader. Non-contact ID card with easy to operate, fast, reliable, and other prominent advantages gained wide application.


    Product Features


    Card number can not be changed after the card is written before the closure, the only absolutely sure that the card number and security

    Data storage capacity of 64, including manufacturers, distributors and user code

    Data storage using EEPROM, data stored for more than 10 years

    Card reader to transfer data rate: 3.9kbps (THRC12)

    Carrier frequency: 125KHZ (THRC12)

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