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    The single door access control designed for office buildings, offices, residential, security systems, building access and other access control and design. It looks nice, can be combined perfectly with the wall when installed. Do not need networking, along with proximity card to open the door, open the door and a single induction Calgary passwords with a password to open the door three kinds of ways to open the door. Durable, all data is not lost due to power. Is ideal for access control systems.


                                 Technical Parameters



    Technical parameters

    Operating Voltage


    Unlock current


    Quiescent Current


    Storage Capacity

    1000 standard user

    Read Range

    5 ~ 20cm

    User Card Type

    EM or EM compatible card

    Operating Temperature

    -10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃


    10% ~ 90% RH


    117 (L) × 117 (W) × 21 (height) mm

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