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    1, Fingerprint Access uses for domestic enterprises, offices, factories, hotels, stores and shops demand for design access control, time and attendance management system.

    2, using RS485, TCP / IP networking capabilities to achieve more than one colleague.

    3, with U-disk data upload and download access to records, management records, fingerprint data capabilities; Users can implement fingerprint data registered a machine, shared over the network / U disk.

    4, with built-in ID card reader, a combination of fingerprint, password, passwords and other functions to achieve Calgary, Calgary fingerprint, fingerprint plus password for a variety of flexible combinations.


    Technical Parameters



    Technical parameters

    Operating Voltage



    Fingerprint, proximity cards, passwords, password Calgary, Calgary fingerprint, fingerprint plus password


    Offline, online

    Fingerprint storage capacity


    Voice prompts

    High-definition humane voice


    143 (L) × 90 (W) × 42 (height) mm

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