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Peripheral devices - The palm of your hand induction switch 【Back】
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    Overall characteristics

    1,   Hand (or launching objects) positive non-contact sensor, clean and hygienic;

    2,   1 ~ 20cm adjustable sensing distance, can be set for different occasions;

    3,   Imports of high sensitivity infrared tube, sensor timely and convenient;

    4,   Using infrared modem, no interference and the interference signal;

    5,   86 type switch panel design, with a special bottom box, easy to install various occasions;

    6,   New magnetic metal panel design, a more refined fashion;

    7,   Dry contact relay outputs for easy connection to various gated and equipment;


    Application Usage

    Technical Parameters


    Technical parameters

    Output Power

    AC/DC12V ~ 36V

    Sensing distance

    1 ~ 20cm adjustable

    Frequency modulation and demodulation

    38KHz (DC12V supply)

    Operating current



    92 × 92 × 33mm

    Hole size

    85 × 85 × 30mm

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