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Peripheral devices - Automatic backup power supply 【Back】
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    Automatic doors designed specifically for emergency power back-up, very suitable for the power outage plagued automatic door applications, making the automatic doors after a power outage can work (can open and close about 200 times normal).

    Product Overview

    Product Installation

    The main technical parameters


    Technical parameters

    Input Voltage

    AC220V, 50Hz

    The output voltage

    DC24V, 2.6AH

    Operating Mode

    Power failure or power outage open work

    Charging time

    Approximately 6 hours

    Continued to work as

    Approximately 200 times opening and closing

    Controller Dimensions

    176 (L) × 53 (W) × 37 (H) mm

    Battery Size

    70 (L) × 46 (W) × 99 (height) mm (× 2 blocks)

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