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Our Focus

Creating beautiful STEAM resources and training
Holistically fostering superior educational pedagogy methodologies
Curating exciting museum experiences in technology

Who are we?

Makers of STEAM is a collaborative group of certified teachers who have spent over a decade working with schools to improve technology, teaching, and learning. We have experience as school administrators, teachers, and teacher volunteers. We have provided intensive blended learning technology education and computer science instruction in elementary, middle school, and high school. Oh, did I mention we work with museums to build exhibitions too? By leveraging this experience, we are helping to create some of the best training, curriculum, and resources for STEAM in the classroom.

Connections are Key

Makers of STEAM has influenced technology and computer science education in the United States and abroad. Our teacher training group has delivered training and resources that have been adopted and leveraged in several countries. We have also developed curriculum which is being used worldwide.

Along the way, Makers of STEAM has developed many collaborative associates, dedicated technology teachers who are also scientists, engineers, and interactive media developers. This resource team is part of what makes Makers of STEAM Professional Development the best choice.

A Global Player

Makers of STEAM is working with businesses and organizations around the world in education and in museums. Makers of STEAM provides innovative and collaborative resources and teacher training for K12 STEAM education. We have used our ability to connect technology and people in education, museums, and are always looking for other opportunities in the US and abroad. We hope to work with you on providing innovative resources for your business or organization!


Our team

Innovative STEAM resources and training for K12 education


Travis Landers has a Master of Education (M.Ed.).  Travis’ experiences in building websites and using various programming languages have given him the tools to create a learning environment that is fun, applies tested methodologies, and uses
an intelligent curriculum design procedure.  Travis is always looking for ways to use technology to make teaching more fun and make processes more smooth.  To name just a few of his many projects, Travis has designed and supported electronic grade systems, android games, websites, video editing, and much more.  Recently, he developed a complex architecture that  automates video creation for project learning in his school.


Michael Braun has a Master of Education (M.Ed.) and Educational Leadership and Administration (Principal Licensure) and is the founder of Makers of STEAM.  Michael’s innovative approach to teaching has been highlighted by New York Times, Seattle Times, and GeekWire. Washington State’s Governor Jay Inslee also recognized Michael’s courses in technology.

Michael has been a part of the largest physical computing education initiative in the world. Michael has been invited to lead STEAM “Teacher Training” workshops across the United States and abroad.


Robert Marmaduke PE has taught STEM math, science, and engineering subjects in both public and private elementary, middle and secondary schools, as well as junior college and adult trades levels. He is a graduate of Cornell University and St. Martin University’s MIT-STAR teaching program, and is also an NCCER-certified trades instructor. Marmaduke’s career background includes extensive experience in computer programming, new media and illustration, and in business as a practicing professional engineer, where he is sought after for his designs. His latest trades book, “Reading Construction Documents and Plans”, is in negotiations for publishing.