Monte del Sol Charter School

Middle School Teachers get Geared Up to use the Micro:bit

Monte del Sol Charter School needed training, ideas, and a process to implement microcontrollers like the Micro:bit. We were able to help do that. Because of that shared success, we are very proud to have been invited back to take part in another project, New Mexico’s statewide professional development week!



Rockin’ Tech Training
for All Ages…

Catering to different people can be tough, especially when there is huge age difference but we were able to get this job done in one fell swoop. We take pride in our training and empowering those we work with to get the most out of technology.


Living Computers: Museum + Labs

Curating a win for
visitors, teachers, and students

Museums are a lot like a classroom. Visitors come to be entertained and see something amazing. What is really special is when the walls of the museum seem to disappear. Here we worked hard so visitors could take home the messages and build upon them even long after the visit.



It’s about THE PEOPLE who use the technology

We take care of the technical stuff, leaving our instructors and staff to focus on the most important parameter… THE PEOPLE…

Monte del Sol Charter School – STORY

Professional Development and Curriculum Rolled INTO ONE

Amongst other duties, Paige Prescott is an educator and President of the Computer Science Teachers Association of New Mexico.

Paige needed training and a direction for her new curriculum with microcontrollers. After meeting at a Special Interest Group for Computer Science Education in March of 2017, we were able to develop a series of projects that introduced the microcontroller, Micro:bit, to her staff. We were able to provide both the ideas and equipment to make this a very simple solution for her.

Being over prepared, was a nice surprise for both of us.

We were able to bring equipment and demonstrate a good mix of projects that got everyone excited.

Monte del Sol – STORY cont’d

Well, we must have did something right because we have been invited back. We are super excited to help with a statewide professional development week centered around computer science for our teachers in New Mexico!!!

K12 Maker Integration has a team that communicates well with teachers with a variety of skills from novice to expert. They have a team of very capable technologists as well as educators.

Paige Prescott

Monte del Sol Charter School, Sante Fe, NM
CSTA-NM President


Reaching young and older learners ALIKE

Mrs. Ramara Shoemaker has been the Operation Manager for CISSE for the past six years.

We were very lucky to get to instruct some young learners and their parents all at once!!! As they worked on their own little robots, it was hard to tell which group was more excited. Yet, it was not noisy at all. Do you know why? Well, everyone was so engrossed in their projects and busy at work that you could have heard a pin drop. Isn’t it great how technology can get people motivated!

We were very fortunate to be involved in this wonderful event and thank Tamara for her kind words.

CISSE – STORY cont’d

We packed over 40 students and their parents into a large conference center room and Mr. Braun walked them step-by-step through building their own little robot. Normally during these events parent drop off their student and leave, but they all stayed around to be involved in the class.

It was wonderful how Mr. Braun made the learning fun and engaging for two generations, it was a priceless moment for our organization and the Las Vegas community.

Tamara Shoemaker

Operation Manager



Nina Arens and Laure Bayer have worked closely with Michael for months now. He has worked to get to know the Museum atmosphere, the importance of the message, and the ins and outs of running a great exhibition. Catering to visitors was actually one of the easier things to do because of his experiences teaching in the past. Here is what they had to say about working with Michael.

Michael’s expertise and enthusiasm has added significantly to the growth of our young program here at Living Computers—helping to take the museum from an unknown destination to a leading community resource for computer science educators and their students.


From an events perspective, Michael is a coordinator’s dream; from managing a classroom of clamoring kids to thinking of creative ways to inspire engagement, Michael provides consistent professionalism and educational expertise every time. His combination of technical know-how and classroom management makes him one of my top choices for special event activities.

Nina Arens

Education Coordinator

Lauren Bayer

Marketing + Design Coordinator