Custom-tailored for the People We Serve

A big part of developing curriculum, training, or exhibitions for technology is understanding the groups who will use it.


We work hard to think about what our students and teachers will feel, see, touch, and what will give them the fullest experience during their journey with a new tech.



Professional Development doesn’t have to be a scary or dull experience.  We want to empower people.  It all starts with a spark of enthusiasm.



Creating an enticing exhibit requires careful planning and an ability to execute.


A GREAT class starts with a GREAT Plan

Our experience in education and technology allows us to guide clients to lesson plans that work well for everyone involved.

Developing solid curriculum for technology requires a lot of key elements.  We’ve made many mistakes in the past and use these to help guide our practice.  Although extremely important, user, teacher, and student needs are not the only thing to consider.  There is an endless amount of details involved.  So much technology is coming out at such a rapid rate that it is hard to know where or what to start with.  Our curriculum development team has years of experience as educators, administrators, and in other education roles.  Perhaps of greater importance is the fact that we are not just familiar with the technology we recommend, we are in love with it.









High School

High School

Pre- K

Jane is a preschool teacher with many activities for her young learners but few are rooted in technology and science.  Jane has seen on YouTube about the value of integrating STEM for early learning.  There are so many resources online it’s difficult to know the best place to start.

We were happy to help her.   Several small robots designed to let her students learn by doing were presented.  She received a package of materials from Makers of STEAM that allowed her to really leverage those robots.

The new robots are interactive and responsive.  Coupled with materials that focus on shapes, logic, and utilize the excitement of her new technology, her students are very active with movement and thrilled get to work.

1st- 3rd

Rich has been teaching first grade for three years. He has many hands-on activities.  With stations set up for learning to count money at the bank, playing house to learn organization, and a reading corner for fluency, he felt great about his approach.  After attending a recent teacher conference, Rich was inspired to find resources for integrating STEM into the classroom.  Makers of STEAM presented a way to amp up class using tech and the new material easily linked up with his current teaching practices.

The next classroom spelling test was different.  Students got to do this with their new bots.  They loved to move around and developed their skills for pattern recognition.  It was a pleasant break from the norm.  Rich could see his learners reviewing the alphabet, cardinal directions, and using logic in new and exciting ways.

4th- 5th

Sharon has been teaching fifth grade math and science for twenty years. She has many trusted ways to get her students active. She even supports an after school robotics club to have kids build LEGOS and a free-time program using the Sphero.  In the past, she has received volunteers in the classroom from Boeing and Microsoft.

All this is great but she wants an outside view because she has hit a plateau and she is too busy to add more content.  After speaking with Makers of STEAM, Sharon was set up with some hardware and a subscription for lessons.

Sharon’s fifth grade students were delighted by the coding activities and maker projects.  The students enjoyed walking around the playground and measuring various soil moisture levels with the Micro:bit.  It connected perfectly with their science unit.  Later, when they studied robotics, students enjoyed building their own teddy bear and controlling its movement.

6th- 8th

Eric has been an instructional coach for middle school for five years and enjoys integrating technology with teachers in various subjects.  An after school NXT LEGO league, is just one of his many functions. He feels learning by doing is the best way for middle school aged learners to become the future innovators of the world. Eric also helps with  volunteers in the classroom from Boeing.  All this is great, but Eric still wants to find better ways to integrate STEM across all grades in middle school.

Juggling all the different levels and technology has Eric a bit overwhelmed.  He needs an outside opinion and a little support.  A subscription to Makers of STEAM support is a lifesaver.

Makersofsteam shared some advice with Eric on his current curriculum and a new program that uses Minecraft in exciting ways for education.  Eric’s teachers were delighted by the simple projects that incorporated subjects like math, history, language arts, and science.  Eric saved the day!

The students enjoyed demonstrating creativity and collaboration on their new creations that are rooted in core subjects.  They had fun and didn’t even realize they were reviewing material from class.

High School

Karon has been the principal for her high school for two years.  She sees value for students in integrating computer science and engineering in all subjects.  She encourages teachers to find hands on activities.  Karon wants her graduates to be future innovators.

Recently, Karon attended an App Day Event that helped students develop mobile applications for all devices.  Makers of STEAM shared with Karon a way to revolutionize her programs for computer science and engineering by running an App Day event at her school.

The students loved to collaborate and build creative projects with their friends in the school gymnasium. The students built massive structures and mobile applications to power these devices. The students enjoyed learning, celebrating, and sharing their discoveries at the end of App Day.


We want to give you a new dimension of engagement through a professional development program that is as simple as 1…2….3

Read cases above to get a sense of what we factor in when developing custom-tailored professional development sessions. As always, if you feel your questions unanswered, reach out!

Half-day or Full-day Sessions
In-person or Online
New & Old Technology Supported Equally


We have tons of ideas to fill your space. We live for the show but mostly presenting ideas that are fun and easy to digest.

Exhibitions are all very different in nature but our process is generally the same.

Exhibit A: Our Process

There are far too many things to list in regards to exhibitions. Here is our process in a simplified form. Reach out with any questions or if you have a concept you would like to bring to reality.
  • Milestone 1
  • Milestone 2

This is similar to an architect drawing up the blueprints.  Here we go the distance on creativity and questioning to deliver you exactly what you envision.  Working with students on projects has made us pretty adept at collaborating.

Once the plan is agreed on, we build a prototype to test and work out all the bugs.  This would be similar to handing the blueprints off to a contractor to build your house.